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308-0 Urethane Coating   The most dominant urethane coating in the bowling industry. Extremely durable and easy to work with. For gutters, caps, settees, ball returns, lockers, almost anything! Available in any color.

610RF Pin Cleaner   A rapid evaporating, fast-acting and easy to work with cleaner. Makes a tough job almost a pleasure. 610RF is effective, gentle and will aid in rejuvenating the pin surface.

ST-21®   The premier standard of the bowling industry as the most preferred water-based cleaning concentrate. It cleans everything and anything quickly and economically. Ideal for cleaning pins, black heel marks, pin deck chutes, kickbacks, ball returns, porcelain, plastics, painted surfaces, concrete, lockers, and countless other areas in the bowling center.

022-Special Thinner    A versatile thinner to be used with 303 Pin Cote, 200-1, 309, and A900 lane finishes. This thinner may be used for clean-up and surface preparation.

303 Urethane Pin Cote    An industry standard that is extremely versatile. It will extend the life of pins with a protective shield that is clear, hard, glossy and "non-yellowing." It also may be used on kick backs, pinsetters, ball returns, flat gutters, deck chutes and unpainted fiberglass settees. G

    available in Glow-in-the-Dark finish.

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