Lane and approach finishes


    available in Glow-in-the-Dark finish.

200-1 Uralane Base Coat   
   A Moisture Cure Base Coat designed for all new or older wood lane surfaces. The 200-1 can be coated in combination with the Alternative 900S as well as the 300-11 Waterborne Top coat

Alternative 900-S Top Coat   
   A High Solids Moisture Cure Urethane Top Coat designed for long lasting protection of the Lane surface, a better and consistent Bowling surface.

3200 Re-Coatable Approach Finish
  Developed for resurfacing of the Approach as well as re-coating the Approach. May be coated over all water-based Approach finishes.

300-B Waterborne® Base Coat
The original, first of its kind in the Bowling industry. Water-based Base coat. Non hazardous and low in odor. To be used specifically with the Waterborne 300-11 Top Coat.

300-11 Waterborne® Waterbase Top Coat
  A Non Hazardous, low in odor -- A great scoring surface.

Activator for 300-11 Used with the Waterborne 300-11 as a hardening and faster dry time additive.

Alternative 900T 100% Top Coat
  A 100% Solids Top Coat A 100% Solid Top Coat having the same qualities as the 325/326 Base coat. Faster drying, long lasting.

Simple® Base Coat
  The Simple Base Coat has been developed as a longest lasting and harder surface coating in today's Bowling Industry. The Simple Base Coat is in a two-part kit form, enabling more coverage in each application.

Simple® TopCoat
  Having the same qualities as the Simple Base Coat. Excellent scoring surface and longer lasting bowling surface between screen and coating. An exceptionally consistent and high scoring surface

325/326 100% Solids Base Coat
  An all solids base coat that is a harder base coat. Can only be applied with a squeegee type applicator. All types of top coats may be coated over the 325/326 100% solid base coat. (Not for new wood lanes)

Synthetic Glowcoat
  A glow-in-the-dark liquid coating that can be applied to any synthetic surface. It dries crystal clear and emits a beautiful ice blue glow under black light. Easy to apply, dries quickly, and is extremely durable. "Synthetic Glowcoat" is removable with Synthetic Glowcoat stripper. It meets and exceeds all safety requirements and is ABC/WIBC approved.

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