Lane and approach cleaners



Nearing its twentieth birthday is ST-21 Plus™ lane cleaner. The result of nearly half a century of bowling experience, ST-21 Plus is designed to remove all the new, high viscosity oils completely from the lane, and can be used in all of the advanced lane machines on the market. ST-21 Plus® is so strong and concentrated, it may be diluted in proportions from 60:1 concentrate..

ST-21 Vacuum Lane Stripper is the worlds largest selling lane cleaner. Designed for use in all models of vacuum lane stripping machines. A concentrated cleaner that instantly breaks up oils and dirt leaving a clean, film-free lane surface.

ST-21 Ultimit is a time and money-saving lane cleaner designed for use on any type of lane surface and with any type of lane machine. 100:1 concentrate.


405 RF   Quick-acting, this solvent cleaner evaporates rapidly. It is recommended for use on approaches.
Removes ball marks, gum and all grime associated with the approaches.

430   Pre-coat cleaner, should always be used before top coating. It instantly removes dirt-laden dressing and cleans the lane properly so that screening process may be performed efficiently before new finish is applied.

407   Simple and safe to use, 407 is recognized as the finest product of its type. Water-soluble 407 removes dirty, grimy lane conditioners with little effort and time. Use it on any type of lane surface. It can be used with all types of vacuum lane strippers.


SG Stripper   Specifically designed for removal of the "Synthetic Glowcoat". Formulated to be applied in a lane stripping machine or by hand.