Lane Conditioners


the executive series

CEO 33, a high solids lane conditioner, is a special blend of four mineral oils along with an additive package that minimizes carrydown and helps create pattern longevity. This product can be used in wickless machines, pad machines and wick machines (using a high flow wick). CEO 33 is the most viscous product that still achieves proper recovery time in the wicking process and can be blended with any other Polychem lane conditioner.  

CEO 42 is a high solids lane conditioner, recommended for use in wickless machines, or for blending with any Polychem lane conditioner. CEO 42 may be applied in pad machines using high flow wicks (for best results, the pad machine should be allowed to rest every eight lanes). CEO 42 is a blend of our CEO 65 and our SE 28, and blends four oils along with additives to minimize carrydown and maximize longevity of oil pattern. CEO 42 is not recommended for 100/300 machines.

CEO 65 is a high solids lane conditioner. The viscosity of this product limits its use to wickless machines or hand applications. The heaviest of our conditioners, CEO 65 is designed to stay in place on the lane. CEO 65 can be blended with all conditioners in the Polychem line. CEO 65 is the most viscous conditioner that should be used in any machine. Extensive testing at Polychem has shown that a more viscous product would be detrimental to ball action. An additive package assists CEO 65 to improve pattern longevity and minimize carrydown.

Signature Edition 28 is a special blend of imported and domestic oils designed to conform to all of today's modern machines. Exceptionally versatile, this mid-range viscosity oil can be used in wick and pad machines, as well as, wickless machines. Offering all the benefits of minimal carrydown, pattern longevity, and reduced ball calls, Signature Edition 28 is uniquely blended from synthetic coolants and mineral oils, allowing it to be used in any lane machine. It will conform to any bowling surface, such as wood, synthetic, or lane overlays.




21.1°C / 70°F
CM 21.1°C / 70°F
SE 28 24 - 26 100 N V 26.6 MEDIUM
CEO 33 32 - 34 100 N V 26.8 MED-SLOW
CEO 42 41 - 43 100 N V 27.5 SLOW
CEO 65 62 - 64 100 N V 27.9 NONE
9544 19 - 21 100 35.6 31 - 41 FAST
9557 28 - 30 100 26.1 41 - 45 FAST
9512SB 25 - 27 100 30.8 42 - 48 FAST
9512 8 - 9 73.9 26.1 41 - 45 FAST
9526 14 - 16 69.2 30.8 42 - 48 FAST

the shotmaker series


9544 SHOTMAKER (100% Solids-Low Viscosity) Developed by Polychem chemists, this all-solids lane conditioner works effectively on all surfaces and on all finishes. It is ideal for use on lanes where our all-solids base coat and companion top coats have been applied. With 9544, movement on the lane is minimal and the cleaning operation is simple and fast.

9557 SHOTMAKER (100% Solids-High Viscosity) here and when bowling atmospheric conditions dictate an alternate lane dressing possessing the same properties as 9544. 9557 is recommended for use when a more viscous "oil" is needed. 9557 "holds" the lane and helps identify and maintain the "shot" for longer periods.

9584 S SHOTMAKER is specially designed for synthetic lanes. It provides better ball control and all day conditioning. 9584S can also be used on wood lanes. It is a mid-viscosity 100% solid oil, and completes the Shotmaker family.


the standard series


9512 Special Blend for Candlepin, Duck Pin, Five Pin and Small Ball Venues protects, polishes, and beautifies the lane's surface, providing excellent "wetting" on all surfaces. Specially formulated to provide reliable ball action, 9512SB shows excellent spreading across the lane. It helps add life to the lane finish and is effective in all humidity ranges. Pleasant strawberry-citrus scented..

9512 has been proven to be among the most versatile in our lane conditioner line. Exceptional at high lineage centers. It provides reliable ball action while protecting and polishing. There is no discernible “breakdown” in the ball track area, even after multiple shifts.

9526 (ULTIMIT) Formulated and manufactured to answer the need for a lane conditioner that works most effectively on a "short-oil" condition. This versatile product is also recommended for "conventional" situations.