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Dust-Free Lane Duster Cloth will thoroughly clean and dust the lane, while eliminating streaking and static build-up.
Replaces: AMF #294-008-460 | Bruns#61-860250-000 | DBA#8460

W-100/300 Century Single Tank Oil Machines 42 x 3/16
W-MAG Century Silver Bullet, Summit, Magnum Machines 44 x 1/4
W-PAD DBA, Brunswick, Phoenix Oil Machines 44 x 1/2

Lane Finish Applicator can be used for water based, moisture cure urethanes and Simple type base coats. It's design makes it easy to move on the lane surface. (Not designed for use with 100% solids coatings)

Approach Finish Applicator is easy to use with disposable refills.

Lane Finish Applicator Refills are available for all coatings including water-based, moisture cure urethanes and Simple type base coats.

Synthetic Glowcoat Applicator is specifically designed for use with Synthetic Glowcoat. It applies a very thin coat of material easily and uniformly. Foam backed refills are available.

Gutter Paint Applicator Easy to use, this curved applicator saves back strain while providing clean strokes when you paint your gutters.

Commonly Used Screens   60 grit,   80 grit,   100 grit,   120 grit.