glow-in-the-dark finishes

200-1 Uralane Base Coat   
   A Moisture Cure Base Coat designed for all new or older wood lane surfaces. The 200-1 can be coated in combination with the Alternative 900S as well as the 300-11 Waterborne Top coat

Alternative 900-S Top Coat   
   A High Solids Moisture Cure Urethane Top Coat designed for long lasting protection of the Lane surface, a better and consistent Bowling surface.

3200 Re-Coatable Approach Finish
  Developed for resurfacing of the Approach as well as re-coating the Approach. May be coated over all water-based Approach finishes.

300-11 Waterborne® Waterbase Top Coat
  A Non Hazardous, low in odor -- A great scoring surface.
Activator for 300-11 Used with the Waterborne 300-11 as a hardening and faster dry time additive.

Alternative 900T 100% Top Coat
  A 100% Solids Top Coat A 100% Solid Top Coat having the same qualities as the 325/326 Base coat. Faster drying, long lasting.

Simple® Base Coat
  The Simple Base Coat has been developed as a longest lasting and harder surface coating in today's Bowling Industry. The Simple Base Coat is in a two-part kit form, enabling more coverage in each application.

Simple® TopCoat
  Having the same qualities as the Simple Base Coat. Excellent scoring surface and longer lasting bowling surface between screen and coating. An exceptionally consistent and high scoring surface.

325/326 100% Solids Base Coat
  An all solids base coat that is a harder base coat. Can only be applied with a squeegee type applicator. All types of top coats may be coated over the 325/326 100% solid base coat. (Not for new wood lanes)



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