Four Seasons Lane Conditioner




If you've had to deal with adjusting your lane conditioner every season, you can now forget that hassle. The new Four Seasons Lane Conditioner from Polychem has made the lane conditioning process easier for you and more satisfying for your customers.


at last!

A lane conditioner that will work as well in the northeastern part of the United States during the winter as it will in the south- western part of the United States during the same time period. As any proprietor knows, temperature and humidity play a large part on ball reaction as well as the temperature of the bowling lane itself.

Rigorous Testing

For over 56 years US Polychem has been at the forefront in the formulation and manufacturing of lane conditioners. The world renowned formulators and chemists at US Polychem have solved the problem that has baffled lane mainte- nance professionals the world over. We have finally put an end to the confusion and frustration that comes with environ- mental changes.

Years In Development

US Polychem is at the forefront again with its newest product “Four Seasons Lane Condi- tioner.” Formulated to be forgiving to the environment it’s being used in and designed for the sole purpose of consistency and continuity, “Four Seasons Lane Conditioner” has the physical properties to successfully address extreme temperature and humidity changes throughout the entire year.

US Polychem

Tested in all styles of lane machines as well as the various types of lane surfaces, “Four Seasons Lane Conditioner” proved far superior to other leading brands of lane conditioners on synthetic, wood and all style of overlays.

It’s No Surprise

...that US Polychem offers the very best for all your maintenance needs. ST-21 PLUS is the very best Lane and All Purpose Cleaner in the bowling industry today. ST-21 PLUS can be used to clean almost everything in your bowling center... not only for bowling lanes but from parts to pins, to counter tops, your bumper gutters and capping and much much more! Combine Four Seasons Lane Conditioner with ST-21 PLUS—you will have created the best tag team in the bowling industry today!
And remember: US Polychem is a manufacturer. Our motto is: "From our tanks to yours. We don't rely on anyone else to bring you the very best in maintenance and cleaning supplies."



As Bowling Proprietors know, temperature and humidity play a large part on ball reaction as well as the temperature of the bowling lane itself. Four Seasons doesn't really care about whether there is high humidity, low humidity, or no humidity at all!.


Polychem's formulators and chemists target moisture and the lack of moisture when formulating Four Seasons resulting in a lane conditioner that doesn't change throughout the four seasons of the year.


“Forgiving” is the word that best describes Four Seasons performance. It has been designed to be easy to work with. It doesn’t break down due to the element it’s drafted to work in.


For 56 years US Polychem has been known throughout the world as a leader in lane mainte- nance technology. Formulating high performance cleaners has been at the forefront of design from the beginning. By using Polychem's ST-21 Plus when cleaning your lanes insures a high performance result your customers will expect and rely on.